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This EP has a very pertinent meaning to me. It is a depiction of my struggle between my flesh and my spirit; between perceived autonomy and reliance on God. In a society that blurs the line with morality, amorality, and immorality, the journey to decipher truth is that much harder, being pulled from every direction. These songs are a portrayal of that journey; an undertaking to find solace, hope, and destiny.


released November 25, 2015

All pre-orders will receive a promo code for a free download of the two singles for upcoming full-length album "First Love Fire", including: "Haste The Day" and "My Soul's Desire".

From the audio engineering to the album artwork, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work on this record with some amazing individuals. Putting in work at the studio has definitely brought us together more. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

Guest vocals courtesy of SIERRA BAYES, featured on "Tempest" and "Eye".

Artwork by TRAVIS SUKHU.

Mixed, engineered, co-produced, and made possible by BYRON WILLIAMS & SOLOMON GARCIA.

Special thanks to Nathaniel Fields. Thanks to all of you involved directly in this project: Sierra Bayes, Byron Williams, Solomon Garcia, and (A.Bear). Also, I want to thank all the friends and family who've been very supportive throughout this project. Thanks to all the people who've supported my music financially; following your dreams is not cheap or free, but you've helped make it possible. Most importantly, I want to thank my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for the opportunity to make music for Him.

Written and performed by Gabriel Chavarria.



all rights reserved


Gabriel Chavarria Houston, Texas

Hello, and welcome to my bandcamp page! I'm continuing to record for an upcoming full-length album entitled "First Love Fire". Thank you for lending me your ears; I do hope the music I make enriches your life, even slightly.
-Gabriel Chavarria

For booking inquiries contact me at: chavarriag22@gmail.com

Find me on soundcloud:
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Track Name: Tempest
Violently (awakens reality)
Suddenly (I’ve never seen so clearly)
Apathy (no longer an option)
Calamity (approaches at light speed)
Complacency the liar that betrays (so djently)
Urgency arriving too late for comfort (out of time)
Sifting the danger approaching me faster (no escape)
My very existence on the balance of fate

How can I endure this fight
Against all that I’ve allowed?
How can I return from this
When I’ve believed my own lies?
Seemingly harmless seductions so alluring
Slowly eroding at the fiber of my innocence

All things I’ve let become my security are sinking sand
Fleeting temporary gains won’t save me in the end

Fight for life!


My strength is fading, all but gone
Don’t leave me this way, don’t leave me!
The fleeting light now out of sight
I can’t surmount this on my own
Loosing my grip I’m giving in
Oh my God! Who’ve I become
I call Your name before I go
Pandemonium; all is calm
Track Name: Eye
Take My hand and breathe
Take the peace I leave
You’re the light in me
You’re the hope I need

And if You stay, I’ll be okay
And if You’re here, I won’t be afraid

Won’t You satisfy
Won’t You be my harbor through the storm
Let Me fight for you
Let me be your fill and more

I know now You hear
Abba, dear
I’ve got all I need (despite myself You’ve made me whole)
I’m whole
Track Name: Poised
This time around I’m not in control
As if I ever was from the start
I’ve given up on walking through this alone
The gift of a second chance and not on my own
A taste of a life favored with amnesty
Never forgetting the One who bled for this

As deluge, gale, and torrent menace…

Wage on strong as ever
Take on all together
Sink into grace forever
Press through all weather

And where my self-sufficiency was blinding
It is Your light that has found me
All around me You’re all that I see
Having taken lightly Your providential guiding
I am now free from the lies that have bound me
Wiping every regret from my past eve
Outlasting the passing
Capsizing the adversary
No longer relying on my own strength and abilities
You are the only thing that is good in me
Soothingly calming my every fear and insecurity
My future free of obscurity
Through the fury of the night beats down like the rain
Hope on the wane I will remain sane
Because all the pain is not in vain
In You I have everything to gain

Anchor of my soul, never let me go
True North ever lead; illuminating